Máy đông khô FDU-1110 * FDU-2110

Giá bán: Liên hệ

Hãng sản xuất: Eyela - Nhật

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

- Unit type freze dryer.
- 2 models are available: -45℃ with ice holding capacity 4L and -80℃ with ice holding capacity 3L.
 - Various containers and pre-freezers are selectable depending on test purpose.
- Digital display .

- 4L unit type dryer for small samples at -45℃(FDU-1110) or -80℃(FDU-2110).
- Vacuum rate, trap temperature and operation time are simultaneously displayed on control panel and operation condition can be confirmed at a glance.
- During auto mode operation, trap cooling temperature and vacuum rate are measured and indicates sample vessel mounting possibility.
- Simple operation procedure requires only start, flask mounting and stop after drying finish.
- Timer function is provided. Oil excahnge time can be confirmed by the display of integrated operation time of vacuum pump.
- Time setting for continued operation or stop is possible depending on the required time from power failure to return.
- Service outlet prevents vacuum pump auto restart after recovery from power failure.
- It prevents melted samples from bumping and dispersing.
- 0.2㎛ filter is equipped at air inlet to prevent contamination by leak.
- Trap temperature and vacuum rate signal outlet provides dry freezing data management.
- Vacuum pump can be placed inside main unit.

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Product Name Freeze dryer
Model FDU-1110  FDU-2110
Cat. No. 251920 251930
Cold trap temperature -45℃ -80℃
Ice holding capacity 4L/one batch 3L/one batch
Temp. setting & display Sheet key input & digital display
Safety functions Leak/over current braker, Control board self diagnosi, Automatic leak at vacuum release,
 Refrigerator protection circuit
Other functions Vacuum pump automatic operation function,
Monitoring function of vacuum rate and trap temp.
Vacuum leak function Auto-leak at power OFF or at power failure
Refrigerator & refrigerant Air cooling, 600W R404A Air cooling, 500W x 2  R404A・R23
Vacuum pump Option (over 100/120L/min) (50/60Hz)
Trap dimensions(mm) & material 200 x 300H  SUS 304
Vacuum display Digital display, 0.0~533.0Pa
Recorder outlet  1℃/mV 1Pa/mV
Overall dimensions (mm) 700W x 550D x 935H
Weight 100kg 140kg
Power source AC100V 1.7kVA AC200V 2.4kVA

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